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4 Weeks of Wellness
Hello and Welcome
Intuitive eating scale
Body appreciation scale

Week 1
Week 1 Agenda
Eating often is a Game Changer
Nutrition 911 Plan
Rethink Your Social Media
BONUS Social Medias Impact on our Relationship with Food and Body Webinar
Your Questions for the Q&A

Week 2
Week 2 Agenda
Food Rules and Why They Often Backfire
Examples of Food Rules
Deprivation Packs a BIG Punch
Lesson's we have been taught about our body
Journal Prompts for Exploring Body Image
Your Questions for the Q&A

Week 3
Week 3 Agenda
Talk Back to the Food Police
Shutting down diet talk
positive affirmations for food
food hierarchy
Express Gratitude
What do you hope weight loss will change
Your Questions for the Q&A

Week 4
Week 4 Agenda
Work on eating enough
diet land, donut land
What else is bother you?
Ideas for comforting & coping
Your Questions for the Q&A

Wrap Up
Body appreciation scale- Follow up
Intuitive eating scale- Follow up
I would love to hear from you

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